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This site is no longer active. Please read this announcement about the closure of Voices for The Library.

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Voices for the Library aims to provide the facts about the public library service in the UK, the role of professional librarians and provide a space for library users to share their stories about the difference public libraries have made to their lives.  Whether it be stories about how libraries helped develop their children’s literacy or the provision of a free space to connect to the internet for those who do not have access at home, these stories demonstrate not only the continued relevance of the public library service but also its growing importance.

We also aim to support and provide a platform for the many public library campaigns that have sprung up across the country in defence of the public library service. We aim to provide a link to these campaigns and to draw attention to some of the battles that are being fought.

Above all, this is a place to celebrate the importance of public libraries and what they bring to our communities.  Send us your stories, tell us why you believe the public library service is so vital, tell us about the difference it has made to you, your family or your local community. Get in touch with us and make sure your voice is heard!