Carlin’s story

Libraries are an invaluable resource for everyone. I am a childminder who lives in a very rural area and do not have wide access or can store the variety of books which schools and nurseries do so I use our public library and library bus. The children are always very excited on library day. Visiting the library provides me with books that help me educate the children about our multi-cultural world and different faiths and show them it’s all right to be different. I can find books that help the children understand about different feelings and how to express them. We use books that have ideas of things to make and do together. Books that give us knowledge of the world around us and how things work and the different jobs there are. It teaches the children how to make choices, to care for books and how to look after and value them.

I find books that help me with training in childcare and education that enable me to do my job to the best of my ability. Also the library puts on story telling sessions where children learn to sit and concentrate, they have themed sessions and puppet shows and music sessions. I could go on but the list is never ending. To lose this valuable resource would be devastating.

Carlin, library user and childminder