Fiona’s story

Aren’t public libraries brilliant?! What has prompted this sudden rush
of feeling? A trip to the library with my 14 month-old twins. We
recently moved to Hove and a visit to Hove library has become one of our
weekly outings. The girls love it. They like to rummage through all the
baby books in the easily accessible boxes, look at all the shelves, all
the pictures and all the other children. I love it because it keeps them
happy and occupied in a safe, calm and friendly environment.

Best of all it’s free and the enjoyment continues when we get home and
examine our spoils. It’s great to be able to try out lots of different
books to see what really takes their interest. We’ve found authors we
might not have otherwise discovered – current favourite is Lynley Dodd
<>  and her lovely
Hairy Maclary books.

When I was busy working full time, it was easy to take public libraries
for granted. I had so many entertainment options open to me and books
were readily available to buy. I’d duck into the library, pick up a few
books and head straight back out. Now I’ve been spending a bit more time
there, I’ve really come to appreciate it as a community space. The
children’s library is always busy and is much enjoyed by mums, dads and
kids alike.

I for one am profoundly grateful for the public library and the services
it offers – after all there really aren’t that many places you are
welcome with a pair of energetic and curious 14-month olds on a rainy
day! And hopefully, it will be the start of a lifelong love of reading
for them…and that really is priceless.

Fiona’s story was originally published on the Sue Hill blog.