Jonic’s story

Mid afternoon last Friday I conducted a catalogue search for books on
literacy to help me prepare a course I’ve been asked to deliver and placed some
reservations.  At 6.30pm that day I received a call from Caerphilly Library
telling me that one of the reserved items was ready for me to pick up.  I
arranged to collect it the following morning.
When I arrived in Caerphilly to pick up my reservation I was told that another
reservation had arrived for me, from Risca.  I can’t fault the pleasant and
cheerful help given by the staff in Caerphilly.  This service has been such a
pleasure to use, as well as being a lifesaver at times.

I first registered with Caerphilly Library in primary school and it has been a
boon to me over the last fifty-umpteen years.  In 1964 I was inspired by example
of the staff there to seek employment in a academic library – absolutely the
best job ever!  Although I worked in several libraries over the years, I now
work in adult education and find it so disappointing that many young people (and
older ones too) would never dream of using a library and find reading ‘boring’.

Thank you, Caerphilly Library staff (in all branches) for all your help and also
for the pleasure I’ve received from using your service over the years.