Neville’s story

One of the reasons why my wife and I returned from living in France was to
benefit from the good old English library.

Since our return we have both thoroughly appreciated the value the service
offers and in particular the splendid service the staff at the Caerphilly
library have given us. They have greatly assisted me in my quest to read
all the Agatha Christie novels in chronological order and have done so with
cheerful disposition responding to my requests and emails with speed and

I have also witnessed staff giving generous and kindly assistance to new
computer users who have benefited from it.

I appreciate that times are hard and savings need to be made but there is
nothing better than to have the opportunity to escape in a good novel.

I am certain that before long we will see the arrival of the EBook being a
service available through our library’s but I hope it will be many years
before we no longer benefit from the friendly personal greeting
and assistance that one has come to accept as a norm in my library.

I hope the bean counters think very hard before cutting back on a service
which brings so much pleasure to so many.