Pam’s story

I am a library assistant in a busy, city library based in the centre of a rural county. Although I’m low paid I enjoy my job because I love reading, and talking about books. Also the work is varied and I get to meet and help a wide cross section of people including; children and the elderly, able bodied and disabled, the unemployed, tourists from the UK and overseas, and seasonal workers.

The county is mainly rural and sparsely populated therefore local libraries are few and far between, consequently many of our customers will travel many miles in order to use the service, an indication that the service is important to them.

I get a great sense of achievement when I succeed in finding the right book, sound recording, or information for a customer but the greatest job satisfaction for me comes from reading stories to small children. Holding the attention of fifteen 2-4 year olds for half an hour’s story time, is challenging but rewarding.

My favourite picture book is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, a story I like to tell with the help of a story sack. As well as teaching children about the lifecycle of the butterfly the story also helps children learn concepts, such as counting, size and colour recognition.

Experiencing stories, songs and rhymes from a young age helps children to acquire literacy skills ready for when they start school and hopefully creates life-long readers and library users.