Surrey’s Reminiscence Collection

Reminscence therapy is commonly used by health professionals to support and stimulate the mental well-being of the elderly, people suffering from dementia, patients with brain-injuries and those suffering from depression or social isolation. It achieves this by recalling memories and events from the persons life.

Surrey Library Service provides a ‘Reminiscence Collection’, for use by Reminiscence Professionals in the field of elderly care and those who care for elderly people at home. The collection, held at Redhill Library, consists of a wide range of materials for use in reminiscence therapy. It includes music, DVDs, flashcards, posters, toys and books (text books, activity books and themed books for browsing). The collection aims to stimulate memories of life from the 1920s to 2000. A catalogue of materials available in the reminiscence collection is provided by Surrey Library Service. It’s a free service for registered users and is available for use by reminiscence professionals/carers. Up to 12 items can be borrowed for a period of six weeks.