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We’ll be using the blog to talk about issues facing libraries and librarians.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog

  1. Sue Goodman

    Excellent idea, many thanks to the organisers, and all good wishes for a successful campaign! Here’s hoping we can make enough noise to overcome the Shhhhh factor in library policy-making.

  2. Anabel Marsh

    An excellent idea, congratulations to those who set this website up. Here’s a positive, albeit small, mention of libraries today from Scotland”s “Herald” newspaper. The front page story was: “Revealed: Stark reality of frontline teaching” which described a class where 21 of the 24 pupils have “issues”. One of the proposed solutions is the Parent Partnership Project in which “trained teachers spend time with vulnerable parents and their children in the evenings and weekends to help them develop closer bonds. Trips include going to the library, swimming pool, the countryside or visiting the city centre – activities some families have never experienced.” Here are the links:
    As I said, the mentions are very brief but it’s good to see library visits included as bonding and healing experiences.

    1. bethanar Post author

      Thanks for sharing those links Anabel – that’s very interesting! We’re hoping to add a section to the site to link to media coverage, so I’ll add these links when we do!

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