Polly’s story

This summer I began an experiment: I pledged not to buy a book for a year and to rely on libraries instead for all the books I might want and need. What’s been most interesting so far are the books that I have found by accident, while looking for something else, that I would have never found in a bookshop or a website. By far the biggest treat has been The Golden Bowl by Henry James, in a beautiful old Bodley Head edition. But there have also been useful books on parenting that I came across while looking in the children’s section and fascinating biographies that I found while looking for travel guidebooks. Not to mention the time I arrived with my children to change our books, only to discover a beautiful shadow puppet show was being performed that morning for free.It’s been a lovely, informative, surprising journey so far and I can’t wait to see what I find on my next trip. Read more at http://theborrower.typepad.com