Lucy’s story

My childhood memories are filled with visits to the library. Some days in the summer holidays I would pick up a batch of books one day, return them the next day and pick up another bundle. I loved reading, it helped to open my mind up to a new world beyond my immediate environment.
I was lucky: we had bookshelves at home, too, but in my journalistic career have since met many children and adults who have said they in fact picked up their love of reading from local libraries. They are treasure chests that we need to preserve for children, for those without the means to own many books at home, and those who use them as a place to learn how to use computers, or find jobs on the internet, or for study, or as a community centre, or learning to read through the libraries’ Summer Reading Challenge scheme, or the myriad other purposes libraries for which libraries are used. Lets ensure libraries are there for future generations, just as they were for us.”

Lucy Tobin, author and journalist

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