‘A free source for our future generation’ – Julie’s story

My name is Julie Day and I am a children’s author who lives in  Lewisham.  Lewisham is a borough where it is planned to close 5 out of  the 12 libraries we have.  To me libraries are not just for borrowing  books but for other sources too.   When I was growing up, I did take  out a lot of books being an avid reader, but now that I am an adult I  tend to buy books instead.  I do occassionally borrow books mainly for  research for articles and books I write.  My mum has also borrowed  books for various purposes for research into medical matters or DIY  matters.  Recently, as I am now out of work, we have used the library  for photocopying, which is really handy, and the staff in one local  library was helpful to me using it.

I have found the libraries to be very useful when it comes to word  of mouth for promoting my children’s book, as this year I have done  talks/workshops with most of the Chatterbook library groups in  Lewisham, and have found this something I now enjoy doing, although  nerve wracking at first.  This is very good as it gets word out about
me to the right audience – the children.  Also, when I have been doing  my workshops I have seen children use the computers for their homework  and other purposes as well as take out books and DVDs.

So please don’t close our libraries, they are a free source for our  future generation, and if people can’t afford to keep buying books, and  don’t have libraries, how are they going to learn without reading  matters and without socialising with other children.

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