‘A gateway to everything’ – authors fighting for libraries

Following on from recent articles in the press it seems as if authors are making a concerted effort to defend the value of public libraries. In the past week alone I’ve come across more than 10 blog posts highlighting the importance of libraries in the UK. I just wanted to share some of the things that authors are saying in defence of public libraries.

“A well-stocked library with a good librarian is a gateway to EVERYTHING. ” (Philip Ardagh)

“…libraries are the mark of development, of self-esteem, of open minds, of growth, of strength and of humanity.”

“Only someone with a closed mind closes libraries.” (Nicola Morgan)

“You get rid of libraries, you get rid of wisdom…” (Sarwat Chadda)

“To my mind libraries are the last bastion of civilization. The burning embers of culture.” (Nina Killham)

“We care that EVERYONE has access to learning, to culture. Don’t we? We should, access to ideas, freedom of thought, is integral to our democracy.” (V. Kathryn Evans)

“How many communities will not only be without books, but without their lovely, knowledgeable librarians? How many future readers, writers, and dreamers will be without inspiration and the joy of discovering new worlds and new ideas?” (Sue Hyams)

“A closed library means learning is cancelled.” (Philippa Francis)

Keren David and Dave Cousins also wrote poems highlighting the problem and Philippa Francis wrote an open letter expressing her concerns to Jeremy Hunt, John Penrose and Ed Vaizey.

It’s great that so many authors have written pieces to save libraries and library staff. The number of voices is increasing and the Government should be listening to those voices – the voices of people who use, work in and understand why public libraries are so important and what it would mean if these libraries no longer existed.

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  2. Catherine and Laurence Anholt

    Message from children’s author / illustrator team, Catherine and Laurence Anholt.

    The casual way in which this government is chucking away our heritage is appalling. Because it is difficult to quantify the benefits, it is all too easy to assume that libraries, like forests will not be missed. The opposite is true.

    We have used and loved libraries throughout our lives and so have our children. When we write children’s books, it is more important to us that those books should be found in libraries than in bookshops.

    Libraries, like our Health Service are part of the egalitarian vision, which made this country great. To dispose of these gems in our community is nothing less than crime against civilisation.

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