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The Voices for the Library team is saddened to hear the following news from Booktrust:

Department for Education funding cuts to English bookgifting programmes

Booktrust had notification on Friday 17 December from the Department for Education that funding for all our English bookgifting programmes (Bookstart, Booktime and Booked Up) will be cut by 100% from 1 April 2011. Please note that this news applies to England only.

We are immensely surprised and disappointed by this decision and know that families, teachers, librarians, health visitors, our publishing partners and many others up and down the country will be sharing these feelings. We passionately believe in these programmes and the proven extraordinary transformative power of reading for pleasure. We will be consulting with our partners and exploring alternative funding opportunities to do our utmost to make sure that every child continues to be given the opportunity to develop a lifelong love of books.

We share Booktrust’s vision to make books a part of everyone’s life. If you would like to show your support, and share your stories about how Booktrust and their Bookgifting schemes have made a difference to someone’s life, you can let them know on twitter @booktrust.

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  2. Ian Anstice

    This is awful. I know of children where the BookStart book is the only one in the house. I know of teenagers who restarted their love of reading due to Booked Up. So sad. Where is the petition to protest?

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