‘I LOVE my library!’ – Joanne’s story

Last year I became tired of buying books, reading them, then having to find another space on my already crammed bookshelves, or resorting to selling them all back to Amazon (at a greatly reduced price!). So the last two books I wanted to read last year, I asked my library for. They had neither of them, but said they could get one of them from another library within two days and they could order the other one (a brand new release) through their on-line account. Within the next three weeks, I had read both books for free, courtesy of my library.

I also found that my library has a fantastic stock of talking books, which are great for long car journeys with the kids (we listened to ALL the Harry Potter novels last year), and for when I’m decorating or taking a relaxing bubble bath.

So this year, I have made it one of my New Year’s Resolutions to use my library instead of buying books. I LOVE my library!

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