Phillip Pullman – ‘tell your library stories’

Voices for the Library are pleased to have permission to embed this interview Phillip Pullman gave to Oxford SOS.

In it, Pullman says:

Every encounter with a library is a personal one. Everyone finds a different sort of joy in the library, a different sort of pleasure. You never forget your first encounter with libraries … If libraries are important to you, in a personal way – if you remember your first encounter with libraries, write it down and send it to your local councillor. and your MP. and the Cuts Alliance. The more stories of this kind that we have, the powerful the case will be that we make.

We believe in the power of stories, and would like to help you share yours. Contact us at You can contact your local councillors and MPs through

Philip Pullman Interview from Pete Speller and Zoe Broughton on Vimeo.

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