Press release from Save Kent Libraries

Information about the Save Kent Libraries campaign

About Save Kent’s Libraries:

Save Kent Libraries is an online based group that operate from Twitter, Facebook and its very own website at It was founded in February 2011 by James Dixon, a former KCC Libraries employee, who feels very strongly about how closing libraries would affect a wide range of people.
Our Mission is pure and simple; to secure a library service for the people of Kent that is fit for the 21st Century; one that will support the generations to come and not widen the educational gap between rich and poor.

The Big Read – Saturday 5th March 2011
The Big Read is being organised by Save Kent Libraries and will be happening in all of the KCC operated Libraries on Saturday 5th March. We are asking people to go along to their local library for as little as 5 minutes on 5th March and take out 30 books (the maximum) as this will prove to KCC that the libraries are used as they are looking at issue figures to support their closure proposals. This is more significant for the smaller libraries. We need to use our libraries or we will lose them!
I appreciate this is very brief, but we will be putting more info on our website at in the coming days.
Or please feel free to email me at for more information regarding ‘The Big Read’ and ‘Save Kent Libraries’.

For newspapers and news station:
On Thursday we will make a decision where we will be sending the SKL team on Saturday, so if you would like to know what library we will be using as our ‘main’ vocal location please could you send this in a request to as we will be giving this information out in the strictest confidence.
We are looking for companies/news stations and individual presenters to support us by allowing us to mention their support on the homepage of our website and on our flyers, if you would allow to us doing this please again send your details to and we will arrange this for you!
James Dixon – Founder, Save Kent Libraries.