Save our libraries day success

As you know, last Saturday (5th February) was a day dedicated to saving libraries. It was a fantastic day for libraries. It’s estimated that over 80 events were run in libraries up and down the country and thousands of people attended them. Members of the Voices For The Library team attended events in Yorkshire, Croydon and Doncaster.


It was great that thousands of people took part and we’re sure that, even where events weren’t being run in local libraries, many more people got involved in showing their support in other ways… some visited their local public library and took out their maximum quota of books, DVDs, CDs. Others used online services provided by libraries. Lapsed users made the effort to visit their library to find out what 21st century libraries had to offer them and renewed their library memberships. So many people wanted to show that libraries are valuable to them in so many different ways.

The Voices For The Library team want to say thank you to anyone who got involved in the day – whether you ran or attended an event, or did your own thing. It was such an important day and a great opportunity to send a clear message of support for libraries to politicians and library detractors. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

However, don’t forget that you need to continue showing your appreciation for libraries if you want to save them. Here are some ideas about how to do that:

It was a great day, especially as it generated so much media attention, and we’ll be bringing you further updates about the day over the coming week.

4 thoughts on “Save our libraries day success

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  2. Mark Smith

    its great to be on your front page here campaigning in Norbury. Lets all try just a little bit harder to save our heritage and SAVE OUR LIBRARIES.


    Mark Smith
    Chair, Norbury Green Residents’ Association
    Save Norbury Library

  3. Norrie Brown

    Beith in North Ayrshire and our library took part in the National Save the Libraries day.(we only found out about it on 1st Feb)
    It was a resounding success as was our public meeting organised by our Community Council.
    Statistics are: there were 200 at the public meeting, 400 visited our library on 5th Feb which resulted in 34 new members signing up. We now have approx 3000 signatures opposing the cuts.(our population is around 7500)
    Due to people pressure our council have given a stay of 1 year on the proposed closures of Community Centres and Libraries.
    Please don’t forget that in Scotland we too are doing our best and can help the overall result. The world does not end at Watford.
    Can someone let us know what is generally going on Nationally so that in turn we can all support!

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