Fantastic Bounce & Rhyme

We were sent this comment about a local “Bounce & Rhyme” session, via a member of library staff. “Bounce & Rhyme” sessions are ½ hour long sessions during which they sing and recite a variety of bouncing, jiggling and finger rhymes and lullabies. Staff take it in turns to lead the sessions. Jon, their “male voice”, is especially popular with their parents & carers; they always seem to join in the singing more enthusiastically when he leads.

Fantastic bounce & rhyme. Mothers with babies haven’t got the time, usually, to write in these books so I’m sure you’ve got less feedback than you deserve. Great session. Lovely for the babies to hear a male voice when the groups are so often female dominated. I’m sure it encourages fathers to come too. A friend who has never been to bounce & rhyme before said she was “moved to tears” by watching the babies response. Fantastic opportunity – so inclusive in a world where everything is usually so expensive. Thank you!

BB on Bryher photo

Arty Librarian