Memories of dusk-time strolls – Rebecca

I wanted to share a story with you about a recent visit to a library in Norwich. I was there for a private view of children’s photography, but the family I would like to mention were not there for that event, and are, I believe, regular visitors. As expected, we had a lot of families attend the private view and there were quite a lot of smartly dressed Mums and Dads, the Mayor, and Head Teachers. Then in came a Dad with two little girls, who were both in their pyjamas. The organiser of our event approached the Dad and offered him the brochure for the photography, the Dad explained he wasn’t there for that reason. He proceeded over to the children’s section and sat with his two children and read to them what I can only presume to be their usual bedtime story. It was lovely to be at the library for our event. lovely that so many families showed up to support the work of their children, lovely to see our dignitaries, but all this was overshadowed for me by the absolute privilege of seeing the public library used by this caring father, reading to his two young daughters. I can make all kinds of assumptions about the home they had come from – maybe without a book for bedtime. But what stayed with me was that these two little girls might grow up with the memories of dusk-time strolls, after dinner, to a cosy library full of wonderful books, and a cuddle with their Dad.


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  1. Steve Murphy

    I had tears in my eyes reading this post. This type of activity is far more important than the event that was the focus of the visitors – don’t get me wrong, the dignitary visit was very important but this dad, doing his absolute best to read to his children at bedtime is just one of a hundred reasons why libraries should not be closed !

    Keep up the pressure and thank you !!

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