Save Our Libraries ribbons

Save Our Libraries Ribbon
Save Our Libraries!

Campaigners in Oxfordshire used the recent Oxford Literary Festival as an opportunity to promote their cause by asking speakers to wear a ribbon (above) in support. Among those sporting ribbons during the event were:

Rebecca Abrams
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
Jim al-Khalili
Carole Angier
Professor Peter Atkins
Melvyn Bragg
John Carey
Kate Clanchy
Ann Cleeves
Dr Sally Cline
David Constantine
Michael Frayn
Ian Goldin
Linda Grant
A.C. Grayling
Joanne Harris
James Hawes
Michael Holroyd
Tristram Hunt
Will Hutton
Kazuo Ishiguro
John Kampfner
Sir Anthony Kenny
Prue Leith
Phillip Mansel
David Marquand
David Nicholls
John Julius Norwich
Jem Poster
Philip Pullman
Michael Rosen
Jo Schofield
Avi Shlaim
Tim Smit
Sarah Thomas
Jacqueline Wilson
Simon Winchester
Inspired by their example, and with their permission, Voices for the Library are offering other campaigns the opportunity to join in. We plan to offer the ribbons, in return for a small donation, at all the events we will be attending over the summer. If any other local or national campaigns are interested in obtaining a supply of ribbons for their own use we’ll be happy to hear from you via the usual email address:

(Ribbons cost between 13p and 18p each depending on quantity ordered.)

This is a great opportunity to grow national support for our public library service as well as an opportunity for local campaigns to raise money for their cause.

We are grateful to our sponsors, Credo Reference Limited, for their continued support and for financing our initial purchase of ribbons.