‘Heart of the Village’: a poem

VftL are pleased to share this poem by Jane Bolderston, from the Friends of Benson Library (Oxfordshire).

The Heart of the Village



Benson library is situated in Castle Square

Perhaps you’ve been in, or driven by there?

It has been lending books for forty years

But now it’s the subject of our worst fears.


A decision was made to have funding withdrawn

A decision met by the villagers scorn

‘Please don’t close our library’ a unanimous cry

And here are some of the reasons why.


Our children have the gift of imagination

And reading a book holds their fascination

The library helps them to learn and grow

A safe, local place, they’re happy to go.


Mothers with buggies need minimal fuss

The last thing they want is to catch a bus

They can stroll through the village during the day

And stop at the library along the way.


For the elderly who like to read for pleasure

They can browse through the books at their leisure

Large prints, audios, so much more

They can all be found on just one floor.


And for those of us of ‘inbetween’ ages

Who may not have the time to leaf through pages

The library can offer something for you

CD’s, DVD’s and Internet access too.


The warm friendly staff put you at ease

They’re happy to help and aim to please

They know you by name and remember your face

Can you get that in any other place?


It’s not just a library, it’s the village heart

And surrounding areas are playing their part

From Benson, Ewelme, Roke, Berrick Salome

We are pleading with you to leave our library alone.