Isle of Wight libraries need your help: press release

Press release from Friends of the Isle of Wight Library Service (18 May 11).  If you have any questions about donating, please contact David Quigley  Donation methods include PayPal and cheque.

Friends and users of Isle of Wight libraries – we need your help!


A courageous and committed user of Brighstone library has instructed solicitors to challenge the decision taken by the Isle of Wight Council to close her library, along with many others on the island. She is fighting, on all our behalves to try and stop the reduction of this important public service. And she needs your help.


She was in receipt of public funding from the Legal Services Commission (i.e. legal aid) in order to take her case. The prohibitively expensive costs of legal action means this is the only way she could afford to act.


Her lawyers have advised her that she has a strong claim and proceedings should be issued at the High Court as soon as possible. However, the Legal Services Commission has withdrawn its support. They are stating that the case has no real prospect of success and are refusing to allow her to lodge her application at the court. Her solicitors are currently appealing this decision.


The Legal Services Commission is also stating that funding will only be continued (assuming the appeal is successful) if the community contributes some money towards the costs of the case. We need to raise as much money as possible, so please help and please help as quickly as you can.


To make a donation, which can be from as little as £1 upwards, please contact:

Dave Quigley Friends of the IWLS          



send your donation direct to the solicitors, Leigh Day & Co Solicitors, Priory House, 18-25 St John’s Lane, London, EC1M 4LB marked for the attention of Shirley Bright.


Please help with this very worthy cause. Otherwise, the island will lose many of its libraries and the Council will be allowed to get away with its unlawful actions.


Thank you.