Swillington Library – Leeds: “Tell me this is not systematic, deliberate neglect”


“Tell me this is not systematic, deliberate neglect over a period of at LEAST ten years? No maintenance, no love. On a site that could not be expanded even if the prefab was replaced, or placed into community hands given it will fall apart in less than five years, where the next library on the bus route is being closed in an even greater scandal. And yet there’s a shiny new Tesco Express four times the size across the road. I’d force new Tesco branches to pay for new libraries in areas with inadequate provision to get planning permission. A CSR requirement. They paid money to the local playgroup in the old church next door when they opened two years ago, but not the greater community resource facing the store. Why is it people are accepting these sites are shit without thinking about how they got that way and how it wasn’t users’ fault?”

The above image and comment was received from a concerned library user in Leeds. We can understand their concern!

One thought on “Swillington Library – Leeds: “Tell me this is not systematic, deliberate neglect”

  1. M

    What breaks my heart looking at this is the obvious care that has been taken on the *inside*…

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