Women’s Institute petition in support of public libraries

As we reported in June, the Women’s Institute passed the following resolution at their Annual General Meeting in defence of public libraries.

“This meeting urges H.M. Government to maintain support for local libraries, as an essential local educational and information resource.”

Since then, they have introduced their “Love Your Libraries” campaign, as a way of coordinating action through local W.I. members and federations.

This co-ordinated action includes writing to councillors and leaders of local councils to express support for public libraries and to highlight the “Love Your Libraries” campaign.

Members were also asked to sign a petition raised by the Women’s Institute in support of libraries. It states:

I, the undersigned, believe that libraries are an essential local educational and information resource yet with many libraries under threat, the future of the library service is at risk. I want to see the value of libraries recognised at both local and national levels and I am calling on the Government to honour both its commitment to act as a champion of the library service, and its duty of oversight to ensure that a comprehensive and efficient library service is provided.

This petition is now available on the Government’s e-petition site and can be signed by anyone, not just W.I. members. If over 100,000 signatures are received for this petition by 05 February 2012 the Government will be forced to debate the situation in The House of Commons.

So, if you want to help protect library services in the U.K. please take the time to sign the petition and encourage friends and family to do the same. It only takes a minute to add your name and every signature counts.

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