Successfully spreading the online campaigning message

We were very pleased to see that “Voices For The Library” have been mentioned in a blog post about successful real-life online marketing campaigns for small organisations. We were listed alongside a variety of enterprises from across the commercial sector and across the world.

A group of volunteers uses social media to form a voluntary group. Volunteers across Britain launched Voices for the Library a campaign group promoting the value of public libraries. Another interesting fact is that the volunteers never met for a number of months after launching of the group. They used TwitterFacebookFlickrYouTube and Delicious and they developed their website using WordPress.

It’s particularly encouraging to read an article like this when it is written by someone who is outside the library sphere, as it shows that the message about what we, and other library campaigners are trying to do, is getting out there to a wide audience. It would be great though if we could expand on this, spread the word even further and get even more people involved in campaigning for libraries on both a local and national level.

You can help us achieve this by continuing to highlight the dreadful cuts that are happening to public libraries in this country – share campaigning links via Facebook and Twitter; share images via Flickr, Photobucket and Youtube; or simply just talk to someone face-to-face about it.

It all really does help to spread the word.

2 thoughts on “Successfully spreading the online campaigning message

  1. John Kirriemuir

    It’s an interesting fiscal point that Voices for the Library is doing it on a very small budget. No mega donors, and no-one is getting a wacking big salary; it’s librarians and library supporters putting in – unpaid and volunteer – hours for a greater cause. Unlike at least one high profile, library consultant whose advocacy helps promote his (well paid) work for councils in streamlining library staff.

    Compared to some of the political campaigns here (I’m obsessed by American politics and by a fluke of my other halfs employment [she’s the systems librarian at a college] I’m in Iowa), it’s especially extreme. One example of many. Newt Gingrich somehow managed to spend $800,000 on his website and associated online “activities”, and he’s barely registering 2 percent in the Ames lead-up polls. It often seems, in the USA, that voluntary and grass root efforts start with someone donating a five or six (or seven) digit amount of money.

    (Disclaimer: I’ve sold a few “Use Libraries and Learn Stuff” mugs and posters for which I get between £1 and £2 each. Shoot me now).

  2. Hotch Potch

    But, how successful has it actually been? Has the government reversed cuts in funding for local authorities and told them to use it for libraries?

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