Kirklees to close seven public libraries

An anonymous source sent the following to Voices for the Library, reporting Kirklees Council’s decision to close seven out of its 26 libraries:

“Kirklees council are planning to close off access to local library service funding and national statutory obligations by moving seven ‘village’ libraries out of local authority control. This despite stating that no libraries would close and with a library service review that has yet to take place.

Public libraries at: Denby DaleGolcarHonleyKirkheatonLeptonShepley & Slaithwaite will be ‘offered’ to residents, communities, charities or private organisations as an opportunity for them to run an essential community resource. Offered on the table of financial cuts and political cowardice, Kirklees council have quite simply decided to close seven libraries.

Lacking any sense of the uniqueness or worth of free public libraries the council are blindly following the desperate policies of a number of other councils across the country. There are no examples of volunteer-run libraries delivering an inclusive service of such quality and breadth as those currently staffed by committed and professional people. There is no model upon which this scheme is based and in all likelihood no plan from Kirklees as to how this will be achieved.

  • Who made this nonsensical decision?
  • Why did they make it?
  • What details do they have?
  • Did you vote for them?

Freedom of Information (FOI) requests concerning the full disclosure of all decisions, persons, documents, minutes and other media relating to these plans should be addressed to:

The Information Access Officer
2nd Floor
Civic Centre 3
Market Street

and further information found here

Details of the councillors supposedly representing the communities around the seven libraries can be found on the search for councillors page.”