Thank you to all of our supporters

Our entry in today's Independent.

Earlier today we were delighted to discover that The Independent has named us as one of the ‘Independent Voices for 2011’.  When we first started up in August last year we never imagined that we would have such an impact.  We are all volunteers who spare whatever time we can to keep the campaign going by highlighting both the cuts to libraries across the UK as well as the value of libraries and librarians.

With all the bad news regarding libraries over the course of the past year it hasn’t always been easy.  But we believe passionately in what we do and the pockets of good news certainly help to give us the energy to keep speaking out in defence of libraries and highlighting the very important contribution they make to society.

But the most important part of the campaign is you.  If it wasn’t for you writing posts for our site, supporting us on Twitter and Facebook, emailing us with information and spreading the word about our campaign we would never have had the impact we have.  So, from all of us in the team, thank you for your support.  We genuinely couldn’t do this without you.

One thought on “Thank you to all of our supporters

  1. sally Taylor

    Nice to know that pubic pressure does have an affect. Good luck and well done for all your hard work. Sally

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