Who is advising Ed Vaizey?

On 26th January 2012 the following written question was raised in Parliament by MP Dan Jarvis (Shadow Culture, Media & Sports Minister).
Dan Jarvis: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport who in his Department is responsible for identifying and advising him on potential problems with the provision of library services by local authorities, including whether a library authority may be in breach of its statutory duties under the Libraries Act 1964. [91892]

Ed Vaizey: Public library services provided across England are monitored by this Department’s officials who engage directly with library authorities. They also monitor correspondence sent to the Department, monitor websites and press articles, and engage in meaningful discussion with organisations that have current information about public library service provision. These include Arts Council England, the Society of Chief Librarians and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.


In light of the current state of affairs regarding ongoing library cuts and closures throughout England we would be very interested to know:

  • What engagement are DCMS officials having with local authorities?
  • What advice are Ed Vaizey and the DCMS being given by these named organisations?
  • What are the DCMS and Ed Vaizey doing with that advice?
At the moment it seems that any advice being given is either being ignored or is advice that continues to help the dismantling of UK public library services.