Libraries and Community Resilience

This post is to highlight some of the valuable and relevant public libraries research emerging from the Departments of Library and Information Science around the UK. Daniel Grace conducted his Masters dissertation at the University of Sheffield in 2011, and his work is entitled ‘The Role of the Public Library in Promoting Community Resilience’. You can access and download it from the University of Sheffield website by clicking here. Here’s a few words from Dan about his work:

We’re all doomed! Got your attention? Good. Now perhaps I’m exaggerating, maybe we’re not all doomed quite yet, but communities are facing increasing threats from disasters precipitated by a host of factors, including climate change, economic collapse, and energy insecurity. In the face of such problems, communities must adopt strategies that build resilience, giving them the capacity to adapt positively to these changes. My Masters dissertation explores the role that public libraries might play in this process. It is a relatively new area of research, but one that is attracting an increasing amount of interest (the ALA has just released a book on the topic), and one that seems vital to pursue if we are to ensure that public libraries remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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