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Be a Library Voice for National Libraries Day!

What do Librarians actually do? As part of National Libraries Day, we want to celebrate librarians of all shapes and sizes. A librarian a day will take over our sister account to @ukpling and share their experiences of working in the library and information profession.

We want to hear from librarians from all different sectors. If you are passionate about your role, positive about place of libraries in society and can commit to a day of tweeting, get in contact with the Voices for the Library team.

Taking over @voiceslibrary you could tweet about:

* What makes your role different? We all have an idea of what we think a ‘librarian’ is. What makes your role special to you personally? What skills do you have? How did you get to your current role? Can you debunk any library myths and stereotypes?

* What sector do you work in? Promote your own sector and area of expertise. Can you offer us any tips? Could you be our ‘health librarian’ for the day?

* Engage with library users. Got some ideas about how people could use your library? Can you encourage your users to offer a  narrative of their own library visit and what they get out of it?

*  What are the challenges in your area? Tell us what’s happening in your sector. What impact is the current economic climate having on you and your library? How have you responded to this?

We want to encourage people to find out more about libraries and the librarians who work in them.

Want to get involved? Contact freelibraryvoices@gmail.com with the following details: Name, current twitter account / email address and a short description of your role, and when you are available to tweet. Ideally, we’d like one librarian a day between Monday 4th Feb and Saturday 9th Feb  with scope to expand to ‘a librarian a week’ if the project proves to be successful.

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