Twitter Takeover : Saturday : Andrew Day : Education and Research Support Assistant

Hi. I’m an Education and Research Support Assistant (one of many library jobs that don’t mention ‘library’ or ‘librarian’ in the title!) at Imperial College Libraries. Day-to-day I support the teaching done by our librarians and assist with the library’s work in open access support, as well as assisting in the delivery of our Learning 2.0 and Research 2.0 staff/researcher development courses. I’m also a part-time student on the MA Information Management course at London Metropolitan University.


I enjoy my job, but as it’s National Libraries Day I’ll be tweeting about the amazing work done by our public libraries, the threats to them and why, short of sliced bread, bourbon and Faith No More, libraries are the best invention EVER.  Access to a universe of literature, art and knowledge, for free, with kick-arse librarians on hand to guide you through it? How is that ever not going to be a great idea?


I’ll be tweeting throughout the day, which will include a family trip to the library (my eldest boys Ethan and Flynn need the new Emily Brown book), links to the latest news and debates around public library provision, (hopefully) some tweets from people using Medway Libraries (my local service), and reasons why Eric Pickles is wrong about pretty much everything. I’ll also change the habit of a lifetime and not link to any unlistenable doom metal songs for the day.


You can find me on Twitter at @doombrarian . I’m also founder/editor of independent local news/culture website the Medway Broadside.