Annabel Cavaroli, Library Manager at Loanhead Library, Midlothian

Annabel Cavaroli, Library Manager, Midlothian Libraries

Annabel Cavaroli, Library Manager, Midlothian Libraries

My name is Annabel Cavaroli and I’ve been Library Manager at Loanhead Library for nearly 3 years. After graduating from University, I got a job as a seasonal library assistant with Edinburgh Libraries. It was a job that I loved so I decided to undertake the MSc in Library and Information Studies at the University of Strathcylde. After completing the course I got my current job with Midlothian Libraries.

I’m responsible for the day to day running of Loanhead Library. This includes managing the staff, building and stock, organising events, working with partners such as Community, Learning and Development and local Primary schools and dealing with the huge variety of people who use the library. I’m also responsible for buying crime fiction for the County and am leading on our new Marketing and Promotions Group.

Libraries have evolved massively and we are constantly changing and developing.  I’m getting involved with the Voices for the Library project to show what goes on in a public library today.


Loanhead Library, Midlothian, Scotland

Loanhead Library, Midlothian, Scotland

I feel that we, as library professionals, are in a constant battle to prove our worth. By demonstrating the breadth and variety of what we do, I hope to show the value of libraries. I also recognise the continued important role that libraries play in community life and the part that social media can play in this. I am currently working on my Chartership and involvement in a project like Voices for the Library is an excellent way of contributing to the profession.

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  1. Rachel Archibald

    Can’t believe it’s three years already! Looking forward to finding out about the project

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