Hannah Clark, Leading Library Assistant, British Library Newspaper Collections, London

Hello! I’m Hannah Clark, I’m a Leading Library Assistant at the British Library Newspaper Collections, based in Colindale, North London. At our site we hold the majority of all newspapers published in the UK, national and local, dating back to the late 1600s. We also have a large collection of comics, journals and magazines, all published inUK, as well as many foreign publications from the Commonwealth countries and beyond. The building, which has held newspapers on the site since 1903 contains 45km worth of shelving to work with, covering 52,000 titles, as well as BrightSOLID, who are working to digitise items of the collection to be made available online on the British Newspaper Archive.

Photo of Hannah Clark in the stacks at the British Library Newspaper Collections, London

Hannah Clark, British Library Newspaper Collections

However, we’re going to be closing as the currently building isn’t suitable for housing some of the older, delicate items, and the collection will be moved up to the British Library’s new newspaper facility in Boston Spa this autumn. During this week I’ll be telling you about how this Library runs, telling you what you might find here before it closes and showing you some of my favourite things about the place!

 I love being able to glimpse into the past through the books we have here, the smell of old newspapers and I take great joy in helping a reader find a vital piece of information that might not find elsewhere!

Outside of the Library, I love music, I play in keyboards and sing in a band and I love getting stuck into a good video game, or novel.

Hannah usually tweets as @HannahMClark

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  1. Anne Clark

    Wow, those big books look heavy! Walking 45km and carrying those must keep you fit! Hope to come and visit before you close. Looking forward to hearing more abut the place.

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