Marshall Dozier, Academic Liaison Librarian, University of Edinburgh

My name is Marshall Dozier, and work as an academic ‘liaison librarian’ for postgraduates and researchers in Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Ground Floor, Edinburgh University Library. Poem.
I guess a liaison librarian is like a ‘subject librarian’ in that we each tend to specialise in a small number of subject areas, but I like to think of the role as a two-way cultural attaché – except without any under-cover intelligence work. I mean, the intelligence work is pretty overt, really.
I also have an advocacy role in supporting online digital education – we have a very active development programme at the University for online distance learning. I teach a course on the MSc Digital Education here at UoE, and, when I’m not procrastinating about it, am studying for a doctorate in education in the area of information behaviour. Mostly I seem to be procrastinating, I confess.
When I applied to take part in this voiceslibrary tweeting, one of the questions I was asked to address in this blog is why I wanted to take part. That stumped me…but I think it’s because I want to *show off* how wonderful library work can be. I’m pleasantly surprised by the variety of activities we do, by how much I learn every day from our students and colleagues. Also, I think it’s worth trying to *clear up* what libraries are about, since it appears that many policy-makers really have no idea how libraries serve communities. Is this account reaching social policy-makers? No idea, but I hope so.
Libraries support my strong belief that access to information and education are fundamental human rights.
I’m afraid I’ve come across all serious – let’s make up for that with fun in the tweets.
My personal twitter account is @mafrado – maybe see you there 🙂

One thought on “Marshall Dozier, Academic Liaison Librarian, University of Edinburgh

  1. rosemary booth

    I would like to donate a book to the library, if you want it. It is :
    The Professor’s Daughter, an essay on female conduct, 1739 by Alexander Monro (Primus), Professor of anatomy in Edinburgh University 1720. ( My alma mater.)
    From Proceedings of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Jan 1996 Vol 26 no. 1. It includes the life of Monro.

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