Aurélie Gandour, Paris University Institute for Teachers Training, France

Aurélie Gandour, Paris University Institute for Teachers Training

Aurélie Gandour, Paris University Institute for Teachers Training

Hello, everyone!

I’m Aurélie, a French librarian with dreams of Great-Britain, and I’ll be tweeting on @VoicesLibrary beginning on Monday 26th August.

What do I do?

I’m a librarian for Paris University Institute for Teachers Training, thus more on the Higher Education side of libraries (but with textbooks and picture books on the inside!). I guess you could say that I’m a subject librarian or a liaison librarian since I’m responsible for various domain areas, from computing and PE to youth literature. I also co-manage our university’s libraries blog, give training sessions to new students and do a lot of other little tasks. And I’m loving it.

What’s my background?

I’ve got a Bsc in paleontology and an Msc in hydrogeology so I’m quite a defector actually! After working as a student help at my university’s library, I went for a technical degree in librarianship (which is still the most common way to become a librarian in France) and passed a competitive test to become a Higher Education librarian. I now have been a librarian for four years.

Why do I tweet?

I’ve been tweeting and blogging in French for a few years now. There’s a tightly knitted Twitter community of French HE librarians and it’s a pleasure to exchange online. And there’s always someone to answer your cataloguing questions!

I’ve begun tweeting and blogging in English a few months ago -after deciding that I wanted to try and emigrate in Great-Britain- to get a better grip on what it meant to be a British librarian. I’ve been amazed at the warm community that has also sprung up on your side of the Channel and I’m following the discussions avidly.

What will I tweet about?

I’m going to live-tweet our “back-to-school” week, with probably some live-cataloguing inside (you should see the piles of books on my desk… There will definitely be some cataloguing!). I’ll also try to give you some understanding of how libraries work in France (that’s a complex issue, because you basically have to become a civil servant if you want to become a librarian, and the administrative side of it doesn’t make it easy) as well as our Higher Education system.

If you have any questions, send them my way!

Want to contact me? 

In English, I’m tweeting as @Aurelie_Sol and blog on And books will fly… If you’re speaking a bit of French you can also follow me @aurelie_solenne and read my blog Quand les livres auront desdents. If I can help you in any way to get back into your French skills, just ask me, I’m here to help! 🙂