Ade Couper, borrower in Bristol Library Services and University of Bristol Library

Hi, I’m Ade, & I shall be the Voice of the Library next week.

First off, I’m not a librarian: I’m actually a nursing assistant on a mental health ward in Bristol. However, I’m also a part-time student at Bristol University (studying for a BA in English Literature & Community Engagement), and an avid user of & lover of libraries: I can remember going to the local library in Newton Abbey with my mum as a 5-year-old.

So, what am I going to talk about? In Bristol there is a bit of a library controversy at the moment, as the Mayor wants to put a school in the Central Library, so we’ll definitely talk about that:also I want to look at libraries as therapeutic environments…..Now, don’t be scared- it’s just I think that libraries are good for the mind and the soul, so hopefully we can get some debate on that going.

I’m looking forward to this- hope you enjoy it!

Ade usually tweets as @bigade1665 and has previously curated for @bristol52

2 thoughts on “Ade Couper, borrower in Bristol Library Services and University of Bristol Library

  1. Christopher Warren

    Hi Ade! really looking forward to your takeover this week. I think I tick most of your boxes myself, also havin either a personal or professional interest in both University and City libraries, as well as libraries in the South-West generally, and mental health issues to boot. You may see me commenting as BlueGlassBoy – the username I use to avoid embarrassing my employers! – or even as me….

    Best of luck, and remember – for coverage of the Central Library/Free School debate follow @LoveBristolLib or go to http;// (shameless plug over)

    Best wishes


  2. Dr Malcolm Rigler

    HI Ade, As both a GP in the NHS and a Trustee of The Pioneer Health Foundation I have come to see the vital importance of Libraries and Librarians in supporting both GP and the HOspital consultations especially now that in every town and city so many different languages are spoken. According the GMC we MUST obtain “informed consent” to every treatment ,procedure or operation . Only a good library service can make this possible. FOr funding we URGENTLY need to draw into the conversation the NHS Litigation Authority which shells out £millions each year of NHS funds often due to lack of information and effective “doctor- patient” communication. Best Malcolm

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