Helen Hart, Knowledge Management Lawyer, LexisNexis UK

Helen Hart, Knowledge Management Lawyer

Helen Hart, Knowledge Management Lawyer

Hi everyone, my name is Helen and I currently work as a knowledge management lawyer for LexisNexis UK in our new offices near Fleet St in London (although I am mainly home-based).  My main role is distilling all the legal information that comes in each week (from case law, judgments, consultations, new legislation) to produce a weekly current awareness e-mail to go out to subscribers about commercial law, as well as writing materials about commercial law for subscribers, such as checklists and template contracts, especially on topics such as advertising, consumer and contract law.

I joined Lexis in January 2013, after working for a short time as a library assistant at Yateley Library in Hampshire.  The library is a public library but because it is on a school site it has a particular character and there are two school librarians as well as the public library staff.  While there, I completed the Opening the Book Frontline reader development course and the Welcome Host Gold course.  Working at Yateley really opened my eyes to the importance of libraries to their local communities and how enthusiastic their users are.  For me, we pay enough taxes, and if we can’t afford to provide the comprehensive library service that is required by law, there is something very wrong.

A civilised country, should, among other things, prioritise learning and education.

Before I worked at Yateley I spent ten years as a practising lawyer and four years working for Practical Law Company (now part of Thomson Reuters).  However, I had a Saturday job at Torquay Library in Devon for about 18 months when I was doing my A levels. Until I worked at Yateley I didn’t really realise that what I had been doing at Practical Law was knowledge management but I joined CILIP and it opened my eyes to new opportunities.

I am hoping to gain certification through CILIP and the main challenge is combining my different experiences in libraries and legal information provision to create a coherent portfolio.  I have nearly finished but would still like a mentor if anyone is interested!

I am looking forward to being a part of the Voices for the Library project so that I can engage with others about the evolving opportunities for information professionals. I intend to tweet about the work I am doing at Lexis Nexis as well as my experiences of, and views on, public libraries.

Helen usually tweets as @helenmaryh