Message of support from Manic Street Preachers

(Image c/o Erica Anderson on Flickr.)

Voices for the Library are proud to receive the following message via Nicky Wire’s mum, a proud supporter of public libraries.

The Manics song Design for Life with its opening lines of Libraries Gave Us Power is indeed a powerful message and it is good to know that it has inspired Voices for the Library at times when life has been difficult.

Nick has asked me to say how proud he is of the song and even after all these years to know it is an inspiration to all those voices who are fighting to save libraries all over the country means a great deal to the band who give their support wholeheartedly to your campaign. It is an important issue – thanks to all those souls who work so tirelessly to bring the closure programme of libraries into the public arena.

Best wishes to Voices for the Library from Nick, James and Sean. Stay beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Message of support from Manic Street Preachers

  1. irene

    That’s lovely to see the message on your website – you may know that James was proud to be guest of honour when they opened Newbridge Institute, after restoration to bring it back to its former glory – he gave an interview in the new library which looked magnificent – it was shown on BBC Wales – libraries are wonderful places for young and old – thank you for displaying their message. Best wishes to Voices for the Library as they continue to voice their passion and commitment for libraries everywhere.

    1. JoRichardson

      Thanks for the continued support, Irene, we really appreciate it! From everyone at the Voices for the Library Team.

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