No confidence in Ed Vaizey

CILIP’s AGM tomorrow at the Library of Birmingham will be more interesting than most AGMs. Though much ink has been spilt over a proposed name change to ILPUK, which is not a matter we in Voices for the Library take an official view on, (though you could do worse than to read Ian Anstice’s post on the matter) there is a much more important question before the meeting, a motion of no confidence in Ed Vaizey.

Proposed by Jo Richardson, and seconded by Tom Roper, both members of Voices for the Library, it reads as follows: “In view of his failures to enforce the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act, this Annual General Meeting of CILIP has no confidence in Ed Vaizey, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, and instructs Council to work with all other interested parties to protect library, information and knowledge services.”

There are detailed arguments for the motion on the No Confidence in Ed Vaizey blog. We’d urge support; it will show that CILIP is outward-looking, and wants to work with campaigners in practical ways on the ground. The debate will take place at roughly the same time as Save Lincolnshire Libraries‘ #BigLibraryMarch. The best support CILIP can give them is to pass the motion.