National Libraries Day 2014 is almost here #NLD14

National Libraries Day logo

It’s less than a month away until the 3rd National Libraries Day. This year it’s on Saturday 8th February. It’s an opportunity to celebrate all the great things libraries in the UK do, highlighting why they are so important, no matter what type of library they are – public, academic, business, health, specialist libraries, or any others. It will also be a great chance to sell the benefits of libraries, to both non-users and also those who hold the purse strings and can make a difference to how well funded libraries are. Even though the majority of activity will take place on National Libraries Day itself, in previous years library staff, users and supporters have also run activities and events in the lead up to it.

We’d love to know what you’ll be planning this year, so that we can help you promote it before and on the day itself.

If you’re not sure how to celebrate National Libraries Day why not take a look at the National Libraries Day site – it’s got plenty of fantastic ideas on there. Also, don’t forget to add any events to the map on the National Libraries Day site.

We’re also keen to get people involved in doing something based on the Library A to Z – the aim of the A to Z is to highlight that even though books are a core feature of library services, libraries are so much more than this – whether this “so much more” is as a result of the benefits of reading, or beyond this focus. For example, this is a snippet for the letter E:

Everyone (is welcome)
Enquiry service

Take a look at our original blog post for more details. If you do create anything for it please let us know.

Another way you can get involved is to help One Man & His Beard with a music video for his National Libraries Day song. All you need to do is send him a photo of yourself holding your library card ( ) as soon as possible.

So, whatever you’ve got planned for your local library don’t forget to let us know.

Finally, if you’re on Facebook, you can also join/like the National Libraries Day event on there, and if you’re on Twitter, the hashtag to use is #NLD14.