Library A to Z Kickstarter funded to 190%

Fundraising for the Library A to Z is not yet closed, but with one week to go it is already 190% funded. On Monday, after three weeks, we’d reached around £2250 with 120+ backers, but The Library Campaign showed their support for the project by becoming the main sponsor and pledged £1,500, which is fantastic, and gratefully appreciated,. As is the £2250 all of the other individual backers have also pledged. This means that the current total pledged stands at just over £3,800! This funding means that the full colour book, posters and cards will be produced, along with press packs featuring this material. We still have a week to go and further stretch goals we can achieve, dependent upon the money we raise. We’re already wondering if we can reach £4500, and if we did how much more we could achieve with this project.

A huge thank you to everyone who has generously pledged and promoted this project.


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