The Library A to Z Kickstarter is 90% funded

As you will know from the last blog post, a crowd-funding initiative has been set up by Andy Walsh to raise money to produce a full-colour visual A to Z around positive activities and services libraries provide. To make this happen £2,000 needs to be raised by 28th May. The great news is that thanks to the generosity of so many people it has over £1,800 pledges in the first 2 weeks – over 90% funded. In fact it was 25% funded after the first day and 75% after the first week, which is fantastic and thanks to all who have pledged money to support it. However, it does mean that we still need to raise almost £200 in pledges to meet the minimum target and for it to happen. There’s no limit to the maximum amount we can raise, so we hope it will keep going past the £2,000 level.

As well as raising the extra funds we would like further contributions for the A to Z. Some letters, such as K, Q, X, Y, and Z don’t have many words associated with them, so it would be helpful if people could suggest more to fill the gaps. The original list is here.

Andy has also created flyers about the crowd-funding initiative to share with people, so if you are attending any library (or non-library) events over the next 2 weeks and are able to spread the word by passing on some leaflets that would be great.

Thank you once again for all your support and pledges for this project.


Edit: We are now up to 95% funded!