Send a letter to your local MP

Image c/o Sarah Price on Flickr.

We’ve often been asked if we have a template letter that people can send to their local MP, or if we can point to somewhere that does. With the general election coming up and the likely outcome being further cuts to public services (with libraries undoubtedly bearing the brunt of the cuts once more), we thought it was about time we put a template letter on the site that you can use.

The letter is designed to be sent to MPs and whilst they are not directly accountable for libraries within their constituencies, we think it is important that pressure is applied to central government as both the lack of will to intervene in library closures and the likely cuts to the local government grant in the next parliament will push the library service to breaking point. Without government intervention or a reversal of the cuts programme, we could be left with a threadbare, inefficient and sub-standard public library service that is not fit for purpose.

Template letters work best if they are personalised. If you can add in details about your local situation, then do so. The impact will be greater if it is personalised rather than sent as a generic letter/email.

You can view and download a copy of the template on this page. It’s also worth looking at this in conjunction with our manifesto, which is available here.