General Election 2015 – Vote Libraries!

We all know how badly our libraries have been hit over the past five years, the extent to which cuts from central government have hurt our public library service. This election is vital on so many levels and, of course, it provides an opportunity to hold our elected politicians to account for their actions over the course of the last parliament.

Candidates will be going door-to-door over the next few weeks and we think the cuts to public libraries should be one of the issues that canvassers are confronted with on the door step. It is for this reason that we have created two posters for you to post in your windows to highlight the importance of public libraries both to the politicians out canvassing for your vote and to your friends and neighbours.

If you do speak to someone asking you to vote for them, why not refer to our manifesto (created as a result of conversation with all of our followers), or explain to them what librarians do and why they shouldn’t be replaced with volunteers or quote one of our stories to them (or tell them one of your own). The general election provides a unique and rare opportunity to speak face-to-face with politicians desperate for our vote, let’s not waste the opportunity to speak up for libraries!

You can download the posters below by clicking on the images (why not download and print them in your local public library!?).

Photo 15-04-2015 23 38 49 Photo 15-04-2015 23 37 21

(Both files are PDF 163kb)

Many thanks to the Open Rights Group for letting us steal their idea! Find out more about their campaign here.