Closures map

The new version of this map of UK Libraries under threat was programmed by Nick Holloway. Data is currently being updated by Nick, Emerson Povey and members of the Voices For The Library team, with information taken from the Public Library News blog, run by Ian Anstice.

It is being constantly updated.

34 thoughts on “Closures map

  1. Karen

    This is a scarey representation of the situation across the country. It does feel that there are so many libraries closing that its impossible to keep a perspective onit. The worry is that there are probably more to come.

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  4. Patsy Lacey

    9 out of 11 libraries are closing on the Isle of Wight, only Newport and Ryde will remain. It will hit children and old people hardest who have little political clout. It is a sift option and although there is a spurious “consultation excercise” the decision has already been made.

  5. Angela

    I can’t remember from whom this quote originates but I read recently that closing public libraries is in effect, “stealing from the future to pay for today”. Closing libraries is seen as a quick fix for an immeadiate problem, but will be severly detrimental in the long run.

  6. Carolyn Magnus

    I am one of many volunteers with the WRVS taking books/tapes/cds/dvds to housebound people. They really look forward to our monthly visits.

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  10. Maddie Ursuline High

    This is a bad thing to happen, which will greatly disadvantage those we dont want to or cannot afford to purchase the books they want, so instead turn to their local libraries. This will mean less people read, with knock on effects.

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  12. Sheldon

    It is a government conspiracy to dumb the nation down. Making many people illiterate and unable to educate themselves against any government takeover. Our future and our freedom is in danger, we are losing the liberty to educate ourselves and learn. A dumb nation is an easily led one.

    1. Neil McCart

      You are absolutely right. In the mid-19th century Tory politicians adamantly opposed the provision of public libraries on the grounds that books would enable working class people to gain knowledge and learning, thus bettering themselves and making them harder for governments to control. I would suggest that mindset lurks just beneath the surface in many Tory minds. Closing libraries is a national disgrace.

    2. Christopher Pipe

      Hard to decide if it’s a cunning plot to stop people gaining knowledge and understanding, or if the people supposed to be running the country are themselves lacking in knowledge and understanding! Personally, I cannot see how any government can choose to be so flagrantly in breach of the law (the 1964 Act).

  13. Malcolm Day

    This is a dismantling of our services that dose not bother the rich, they will not stop until the working class in this country have lost almost everything this system is going backwards not forwards.The recent revolutions in Egypt should be seen as an inspiration to the international working class. inparticular the advanced countries of the world. All public services are on the hit list including vital health care. This can only be solved through a international poitical solution. please see

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  17. Alex Ursulinehigh

    My Library called west barnes was very close to shutting down but then was saved. But they still have a chance of closing! Though they had to shorten the closing times. So all libraries are still at risk!

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  21. Tim Parsons

    In keeping with the two websites I use to administer my accounts with Worcestershire and Birmingham libraries… it’s hard to work out how to comment on National Libraries Day! To that end, I’ll put it here;
    I use the library for everything I previously paid for, books are rented instead of bought, especially travel guide books, and CDs likewise. So few people know you can rent CDs or think to rent a travel book, that’s the challenge, inform the masses tp be used by the masses as a resource for the many!

  22. Marine


    I am a french journalist working for french television and I would like to get in contact with the person who made this internet web site? I am interested with the situation and the closures of Libraries in Manchester.
    Hope Iwill have an answer soon, thanks in advance.


  23. Vipinchandra. Patel

    I am trying to find out if the Library on Bramely Road Southgate is one of the Libraries planned for the Closure?
    Any information will be quite helpful. I own a small business on this parade and will have serious implication to my Business/ livelihood.

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