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Ian Anstice named as Information Professional of the Year 2011

We were thrilled to learn that Ian Anstice, a member of the Voices for the Library team,  Librarian in Charge of Winsford Library in Cheshire and proprietor, editor, sub-editor, journalist and everything else at Public Libraries News, has been awarded Information Professional of the Year 2011. It’s a rare honour, as the award is not often given to public librarians.

Ian singlehandedly keeps the site going, with daily updates of news from a bewildering variety of sources. HIs Stakhanovite work has helped support campaigns around the country, as well as national organisations. Everyone, even enemies of libraries, goes to Public Libraries News to find out what’s going on. Well done Ian, congratulations!

For the official announcement, see: http://www.iwr.co.uk/professional-and-library/3011175/Public-Library-News-man-wins-IWR-award