Culture, Media and Sport Committee publish library inquiry responses

Today the Culture, Media and Sport Committee published the written evidence it received for its Inquiry into Library closures.

There were 130 written responses in total from a wide range of individuals and organisations with an interest in libraries. These included:

  • Library user and campaign groups
  • Public library authorities, councils and councillors
  • Library workers, librarians and representative organisations
  • Publishers and booksellers
  • National organisations such as Women’s Institute and UNISON who have been supportive of libraries
  • Charities
  • Individuals
  • Authors
  • Private companies

It is interesting to note the balance of responses from these different groups of respondents, especially from public library authorities. Only approximately 16 authorities or their representatives responded to the Inquiry. Considering that there are over 140 public library authorities in England this is a very low response rate. Compare this to 33 recognisable library user and campaign groups who responded, plus further individuals whose names we recognise as local campaigners.

We look forward to both reading these written responses to the Inquiry and following the oral evidence sessions which start tomorrow morning and can be viewed live here.

4 thoughts on “Culture, Media and Sport Committee publish library inquiry responses

  1. Martyn

    In fact there were 131 submissions, but for some reason my submission (sent by email) has not been included. I wonder if any others have been left out?

      1. Martyn

        No, I haven’t had an explanation, but following my enquiry, about why it wasn’t included, I resubmitted it to a named individual at the DCMS, and I have been informed that it will be placed before the committee at their next session after the current recess, and they will decide what to do about it.
        watch this space!

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